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Plant Perennials for Year-Round Curb Appeal

Beautiful flowering plants not only increase your curb appeal, they can also increase the enjoyment you take in your own home and yard. While some sections of the country have challenges when it comes to maintaining a colorful yard all year, there is a solution that nearly anyone can benefit from perennials.

Perennials are considered low-maintenance plants because once you plant them and they take root, they will “come back” year after year, for anywhere between two and 10 years. With perennials, it’s possible to plant a garden that shows color all year through. Technically speaking, trees and shrubs count as perennials, which is why we say that even people in colder climes can also enjoy the beauty of these hardy plants: think holly, viburnum and evergreen azalea. A blanket of snow can actually act as insulation for perennials, ensuring they’ll be back in full force the next year.

The first season you put these plants into the ground is the most important to ensure a long life. You must care for them until their roots have time to establish. After that, flowering perennials do not need to be replanted each year; after their season ends, you can cut them back, water and mulch them, and wait for the next season to arrive.

Like all plants, perennials need light, air, water, and nutrients. They are not completely maintenance-free! They do need to be watered, fertilized, weeded, and mulched, and eventually will need to be pruned and divided as well.

When planting in the spring, perennials can go into the ground much sooner than delicate annuals. Perennials usually don’t suffer from frost damage, so technically you could plant them at any time of year as long as you can work the soil.

Here are some basic guidelines to caring for perennials:
  • In spring: Weed carefully, and rake debris and clean up the beds only after the temperature is sure not to dip again. Add a little fertilizer and a thin layer of fresh mulch. Some plants like chrysanthemums benefit from a light pruning, which helps them spread out and produce more buds.
  • In summer: As summer progresses you'll need to complete a few maintenance tasks. Stake tall plants like delphiniums before they start to tilt. Deadheading can help plants bloom longer. Once they've turned completely brown, cut back plants to a couple of inches above the ground.
  • In fall: Remove grass that's encroached on the flower beds. Weed and lay down mulch around perennials that were planted in the fall. Cut back the remaining plants that have finished flowering.
  • In winter: There’s not much to do once it gets really cold. Enjoy your evergreens and any winter berries, and plan your spring planting!
Of course, the types of plants that will grow well for you are impacted by the area of the country in which you live, your weather, and the amount of sun they receive. But for a relatively easy, beautiful garden, which ramps up your curb appeal and makes you want to spend lots of time outdoors, you can count on perennials. | Buy - Sell - Invest | 312.498.8834

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